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Art Glass Cullet Natural Sculpture Multitone Swirl Uranium Slag Glass #4GX17

Art Glass Cullet Natural Sculpture Multitone Swirl Uranium Slag Glass #4GX17

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Art Glass Cullet Natural Sculpture Multitone Glowing Swirl Uranium Slag Glass #4GX17

Beautifully display in Curio Cabinets with UV lighting making a stunning statement piece in your glowing glass collection. Neat oddity that makes a great conversation piece. Beautiful on top of cabinets with directed UV light as a soft nightime light feaure. Place in your garden as a glowing landscape rocks lit with outdoor UV lighting.

My art glass cullet is remnants from old glass factories throughout the Midwest. Most of the chunked glass is from the process of clean out of the glass after a product run. These pieces are very unique in color, pattern and texture due to the sometimes very unusual mix of glass that might have been cleaned out of multiple runs of different colors. Much, but not all, of my glass is from the Fenton factory. Check out my many listings for specific Fenton colors. Sometimes I discover pieces with marks or partially molded pieces that were scrapped from the manufacturing process.

Each piece is unique. Please see photos for measurements. Grid scale in photo is one inch by one inch if photo is taken on measuring mat and meant as an rough size measurement. Keep in mind these pieces are 3 dimensional, I try to show the largest sides when photographing for measurements.

UV reactive photo is taken with a 365 nm UV Light in a dark photography box. The brilliance of the glow will be different under different UV lights and also depending on the ambient lighting in your room. Some pieces will not glow under a 395 nm UV light. Specifically manganese will not glow under a 395 nm UV light. Note that any bright blue spots on photo are reflections of the UV light that the camera captures. These are much like how a camera would capture a glare in natural light. The piece of glass will not necessarily have those bright blue spots.

The piece of natural shaped cullet in the photo is the exact piece you will receive.

Please be aware that cullet can have sharp edges. Cullet is broken glass and will have naturally occuring cracks and chips. This cullet has been weathered outside for many years and should successfully withstand varying climates if placed outdoors.
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