• Antique Photography of Couple in Horse Drawn Buggy

    Antique Photographs

    Antique Photographs carry a mystery that has always been fascinating to me.

    Browse thru our album of Antique Photographs currently available at

    Whimsy N' Such.

    Antique Photographs 
  • Vintage Fishing Lures

    Vintage Fishing Lures

    We are especially fond of fishermen, fish stories and vintage fishing lures here at Whimsy N' Such.

    Take a peek at our selection and see if you get hooked!

    Vintage Fishing Lures 
  • Glass Cullet

    Whether you fancy glowing Uranium Glass Cullet, colorful swirls of Slag Glass or

    simple pieces of Colored Glass that sparkle in the sunlight we have just the right glass jewel for you.

    Glass Cullet