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Slag Glass Cullet - 1 lb 7 oz #xl102

Slag Glass Cullet - 1 lb 7 oz #xl102

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A beautiful piece of cullet with slag swirls/layers of pale green and small swirl of chocolate and pink weighing 1# .7 oz and measuring approximately3 1/2" x 4" x 1 1/2" at it's widest points.
No two pieces are alike.

The piece of cullet in the photo is the exact piece you will receive.

Beautiful in aquarium, as landscaping in potted plants as well as outdoors.

Stunning in jars in fairy gardens or simply set in a window sill.

Consider Rock Tumbling them into smooth pieces for jewelry.

Tons of options for displaying these beautiful pieces of cullet.

Please be aware that cullet can have sharp edges.

Please unpack your cullet carefully and handle with care.

We recommend use of gloves when handling raw cullet.
- Cullet ID#XL102

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