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Amberina Orange Cadmium Glowing Glass Cullet #GLSM2338

Amberina Orange Cadmium Glowing Glass Cullet #GLSM2338

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Amberina Orange Cadmium Glowing Glass Cullet #GLSM2338

Glows under a black light.

These pieces of cullet have been formed previously and for various reasons were imperfect at the factory and broken into cullet rather than becoming pieces that could be sent out by the factory. If you have a glowing glass display these pieces can be added to bowls, cups, vases etc to create a stunning amberina filler. Also beautiful made into jewelry. Their formed shapes create unique glowing patterns that you would not otherwise find in general cullet.

The piece of cullet in the photo is the exact piece you will receive.

Please be aware that cullet can have sharp edges.

If you are interested in multiple pieces that I have listed, feel free to contact me to put a personal bundle listing together. I am happy to bundle pieces to save money on shipping.
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