About Us

In March of 2015 we started our own concrete business, Xtreme HardScape Solutions.  In the process of creating our business samples we came up with the concept to create artwork using the concrete overlay process.  
We began sharing our artwork, specifically barn quilts, with our family and friends and our work was very well received!  We then started sharing our artwork with the Midwest by attending Craft Shows and Festivals on weekends. Our concept was very well received in the public as well.   We had searched for a more permanent vendor related type business that we could rent a booth space and share our artwork every day rather than just on weekends however, we could not find a place where we fit in because our most of our sales were custom ordered. 
As we continued to meet and become friends with more artists the idea was born for Whimsy N' Such.
Whimsy N' Such's mission is to create a shopping experience featuring an eclectic variety of unique items that are being made in people's homes, garages and workshops across the country as well as antiques & collectibles.  
We anxiously await your visit to our store!  
Get Your Whimsy On!